Charlotte Style teams are divided by student-athletes’ years of graduation. In 2023, all age groups will be pure with the exception of our OPEN teams.  It is an EXPECTATION that all players attend all of the scheduled practices and tournaments for their respective team.  Club fees are paid which enable us to organize practices and register for tournaments. Our ability to coach and develop is only possible if the players are present and ready to learn. Their development is our first and foremost priority so practice and tournament attendance is critical– WE WANT THEM THERE AND THEY SHOULD WANT TO BE THERE!!

        *Exceptions in the fall include in-season sport obligations*


Our coaches expect responsibility and accountability.  We hold players accountable for their actions and decisions and expect them to always put themselves and this program in a positive light.  Players are instructed to handle all communications with their coaches.  Players are discouraged from joining or committing to other travel lacrosse programs until the Style season has concluded.


All players in the Charlotte Style club program will receive equal playing time.  Unexcused absences can effect a player’s standing with this policy at the discretion of their coach.


Charlotte Style Team Fee: The Team Membership Fee can be paid in full or in tri-annual installments (December, March, June) and is non-refundable.  This fee covers equipment, uniforms, tournament fees, facility rentals, coaches, recruiting platforms, and other operating expenses. In becoming a member of this club, you commit to paying all three installments and participating in both summer AND fall tournament seasons.


Registration must be completed online and payment is required by each installment deadline. Offline payments are permitted to avoid credit card fees.  Please contact us directly to confirm other methods of payment. Parents who choose to pay in full must do so by the first installment deadline of the year. Players who have missed installment deadlines will be unable to participate until membership fees have been met and also risk paying additional late fees. 


There are NO refunds for the Charlotte Style membership fee. NO exceptions: this includes, but is not limited to: high school team obligations, personal conflict, or cancellations due to inclement weather.


Requests for refunds as a result of injury are handled on a case-by-case basis for any LaxElite program (less any credit card processing fees).