Charlotte Style Overview

Our Charlotte Style Club Program is for elite level play and includes national tournament competition, particularly during peak recruiting years. It is our annual mission to unite and strengthen the area’s premier talent in an effort to maximize recruiting opportunities and compete proudly on a national scale. The Charlotte Style Club Program is built upon the principles of commitment, development, teamwork, and exposure.



In three years time, our program has established itself as the top developmental and recruiting based program in North Carolina, ranking as the #1 girls club in the state by U.S. Club Lacrosse.  Featuring some of the best talent in the Carolinas, our Charlotte Style program has proven to be a fit for advanced players who understand the meaning of commitment and share an unwavering passion for the game.


Our summer-fall calendar is carefully constructed to ensure players and their families are able to fully maximize their time with us. As players transition to older age groups, so does their competitive schedule. This includes more consistent national tournament play and higher competitive team seeding. Every age group is committed to a summer AND fall competitive schedule. We feel it is of the utmost importance to have continuity through both seasons to ensure consistent individual and team growth.



This is the question that defines the nature of our Style program. Our coaches feel it is their duty to push the girls and foster a competitive environment that will help them grow both on and off the field. It is our strict focus to maximize their development as lacrosse players and ultimately prepare them for the next level, whether that be on the field or not, all while maintaining a fun and memorable club environment. We are a club program that promotes fun THROUGH commitment!   


Though club lacrosse is only a summer and fall program, our schedule lends itself to spending a lot of time with your girls. It is through these daily interactions that we hope to teach valuable life lessons including work ethic, dedication, and accountability.


The peak benefits of our program are most accessible to those who share a genuine love for the game and its demands. It is our hope that at the conclusion of our program, your daughter will be able to answer this question proudly!