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"As a Division I head coach, it is very important to establish trust with club directors.  College coaches have to trust that club directors are teaching their players the right skills, strategies, and traits to make them elite level players.  Due to Annie's experiences as a Division I student-athlete and coach, her honest evaluation and projection of recruits creates a great foundation to build new and existing connections with college coaches.  There are many restrictions, protocols and guidelines in the recruiting process and it is extremely beneficial to have someone like Annie to guide prospective student-athletes in the right direction regarding proper and efficient communication with college coaches."

"Having worked with Annie in various coaching settings, it quickly became obvious that her passion and love for the game was contagious to her players.  Her positive attitude gives her players the confidence to try new things and to learn from their mistakes.  She encourages her players to be their best, love the game, and to improve everyday."

-Eileen Ghent, former Monmouth University Head Women's Lacrosse Coach


"Annie has always exhibited an outright passion for the sport of lacrosse.  She has been able to translate this passion into coaching and mentoring young athletes not only on the field but off the field as well.  This opportunity to utilize this passion in this forum is the perfect match.  I know all the players influenced by Annie will benefit and grow well beyond their time with her."

-Laura Brand, Rutgers University Head Women's Lacrosse Coach


"I’ve had the opportunity to be coached by many different people throughout my playing career but not all have had the great knowledge of lacrosse like Annie possesses. Even since I played on the field with her, I knew that she understood how the game worked on a level that not everyone is able to grasp.  She saw things that others didn’t and for that she was able to create remarkable offensive plays.  Annie brought that same lacrosse knowledge to her coaching career.  It is one thing to possess this knowledge for yourself, but to be able to share it and teach it to others is something in and of itself.  She communicates well with her players and teaches them the how and the why of a certain skill, not just the what and when."

"Annie taught me how to be a good friend and teammate, and helped me become the person I am today.  Her role in my life was so much more than just a coach.  She built lasting relationships with each and every one of my teammates.  She took her role as a coach so much further than just two hours on the practice field everyday.  She fully committed to her players, and, winning aside, she developed coach-player relationships that gave us someone to go to for anything that we needed help with. 

"Her passion is contagious.  The way she showed up to work every day made you want to be around her, play for her, and feed off of her desire for greatness.  She showed me a new way to love the sport of lacrosse.  And for that, I am forever grateful."

-Colleen Ekert, Liberty University, Big South All-Conference First Team 


"Annie McGinley, from the time she played for us at Moorestown HS and for our South Jersey Select club program, has always been one of our elite players.  In addition, we always felt she was going to make the transition to college lacrosse and than on to the coaching profession because she had that drive and will to succeed.  Many top players aren't necessarily good coaches and don't know how to teach the game.  Annie has always proven that she can convey the message and teach the game the right way, focusing on the fundamentals but also being on the cutting edge tactically and skill wise.  She knows how to discipline but she also knows that there is time to have fun.  She relates so well to her players and there is no doubt in our minds that she will be a huge success going forward."

-Deanna and K.C. Knobloch, Moorestown HS and South Jersey Select Club Directors